Katedra i Zakład Anatomii Opisowej i Topograficznej
Wydział Nauk Medycznych w Zabrzu
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Course schedule 2 nd semester

summer semester



Department of Normal Anatomy

Academic year 2020/2021

Human anatomy.  IInd semester.



Date:   3 III 2021

1. Structure of nervous system: neuron, synapse, gray and white matter

2. Division of nervous system: morphological, functional,  ontogenetic

3. Telencephalon: cerebral cortex (lobes, sulci, gyri, projection areas – localization), nuclei of telencephalon, white matter of telencephalon. Lateral ventricle. Cerebrospinal fluid

4. Median telencephalon, Diencephalon and III-rd ventricle. Limbic system

5. Midbrain. Pons and medulla oblongata.  Myelencephalon, Cerebellum, IV ventricle


Date:   10 III 2021

1. Spinal cord. Spinal nerve. Nervous tracts  (Pyramid, extrapyramid system, common terminal tract. Sense  receptors. Exteroceptive and proprioceptive sense)

2. CNS meninges

3. Blood supply of CNS


Date:   17 III 2021

1. Cranial nerves: I, II, IV, V, VI, VII – nuclei, course, main branches, innervation area

Date:   24 III 2021

1. Cranial nerves:  IX, X, XI, XII – nuclei, course, main branches, innervation area

2. Ventral and dorsal branches of spinal nerves

3 Plexuses: cervical, brachial, lumbar, sacral. Intercostal nerves.

4 Autonomic nervous system: Divisions of ANS (differences of structure and function: ANS and somatic NS)

5. ANS Central part – centers of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts.

6. ANS Peripheral part – autonomic ganglia, plexuses, nerves. Sympathetic trunk

7. Innervation of lacrimal and salivary glands.


Date:   14 IV 2021

1. Organs of special senses:. eyeball, II  nerve,  additional organs of the eyeball, optic tract

2. Ear (external, middle, internal), VIII nerve, sound pathway

CNS ,PNS, Special Senses: practical and theoretical tests


Date:   21 IV  2021

Topography of the upper and lower limb

Limbs: practical and theoretical tests

Date:  28 IV  2021

Neck topography

1. Larynx, throat, thyroid, parathyroids (revision)

2. Neck skeleton and muscles (revision)

3. Nerves (VII, IX, X, XI, XII,  Cervical plexus, Sympathetic Trunk) 

4. Vessels of the neck  (revision), sites of the pulse palpation

5. Lymphatic system of the neck

6. Regions of the neck

7. Fasciae of the neck

8. Neck triangles

9. Topography of neck organs

Date:   5  V  2021

Head topography

1. Skull (revision)

2.  Muscles, TMJ  (revision)

3. Temporal, Infratemporal, Pterygoparatine, Retromandibular fossas

 Nasal cavity, Oral cavity, Orbit (revision)

4. Cranial nerves  I, II, IV, V, VI, VII (revision)

Date:   12  V  2021

1. Cranial nerves  VIII,  IX, X, XI, XII   (revision)

2. Arteries and veins of the head  (revision)

3. Regions of the head (Frontal, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal, Infratemporal, Auricular, Mastoid, Orbital, Infraorbital, Buccal, Parotideo-masseteric) boundaries, content.

Date:    19  V  2021

1. Regions of the head (Zygomatic, Nasal, Oral, Mental) boundaries, content.

2. Fasciae of the head

3. Parapharyngeal space (division, boundaries, content).


Date:    26  V  2021

1. Blood supply: extra and intracranial anastomoses

2. Sites of pulse palpation

Head and neck: practical and theoretical tests


Date:    2  VI  2021

Thorax, abdomen and pelvis topography

1. Walls of the thorax

2. Topography of the lungs and pleura

3. General structure of the heart (revision)

4. Topography of the heart

5. Topography of others mediastinal structures

6.  Abdominal walls, inguinal canal,  inguinal hernias

7. Peritoneum

8. Skeletotopy of abdominal organs

9. Blood supply of abdominal organs

10. Retroperitoneal space

11. Walls of the pelvis, pelvic floor

12. Pelvic planes. Sexual differences of pelvic structure

Thorax, abdomen, pelvis: practical and theoretical tests