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Course shedule 1st semester


Department of Normal Anatomy

Academic year 2023/2024

Human anatomy.  1st semester.


Musculoskeletal system


Date:  11 X 2023

1.   Structure of human body. Basic anatomic terms.  Anatomical position. Space       orientation.     Planes and axes

2.  General structure of bones. General characterization of skeletal system

3.  Bones of upper limb

4.  Bones of lower limb


Date:  18 X 2023


1.  Axial skeleton, vertebrae, ribs, sternum

2.  General structure of joints. Joints of upper and lower limbs

3.  Joints of vertebral column, ribs and sternum

4.  General structure of muscles

5.  Muscles of limbs


Date:  25 X 2023


1.  Muscles of the trunk, diaphragm

2.  Mechanics of vertebral column

3.  Mechanics of respiration

4.  Prelum abdominale

Musculoskeletal system: practical and theoretical tests



Head and neck


Date:   8 XI 2023


1.  General structure of skull. Bones of neuro and splanchnocranium

2. Detailed description of: parietal bone, temporal bone, occipital bone, sphenoid bone, frontal bone, ethmoid bone, palatine bone, maxillae, inferior nasal concha, zygomatic bone, lacrimal bone, vomer, nasal bone, mandible, hyoid bone

3.  Detailed structure of skull base (superior and inferior aspect)

4.  Anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossae

5. Cranial fossae and cavities:  nasal cavity, orbit, temporal fossa, infratemporal fossa, pterygopalatine fossa, retromandibular fossa, paranasal sinuses


Date:   15 XI 2023


1.  Temporomandibular joint

2.  Cranial synchondroses and syndesmoses. Fonticuli (fontanelles)

3.  Muscles of head

4.  Muscles of facial expression

5.  Muscles of mastication

6.  Atlantoccipital and atlantoaxial joint

7.  Muscles of neck

Head and neck: practical and theoretical tests


Circulatory system


Date:   22 XI 2023


1. Structure of circulatory system (scheme)

2. General structure of blood and lymphatic vessels

3. Heart – internal and external structure. Conducting system, vessels of the heart, pericardium

4. Systemic circulation

5. Vessels of head and neck (without cerebral vessels

6. Main branches of the aorta arterial supply of trunk walls

7. Main veins, venous visualization of trunk walls

8. Pulmonary circulation

9. Portal venous system


Date:  29 XI 2023

1. Arterial supply of limbs

2. Venous drainage of limbs

3. Fetal Circulation

Circulatory system: practical and theoretical tests



Respiratory system


Date:   6 XII 2023

1. Respiratory system (schema)

2. Nasal cavity

3. Larynx – skeleton, muscles, function.

4. Trachea and bronchial tree

5. Lungs – external and internal structure


Date:  13 XII 2023


6. Pleura, pleural cavity, recesses

7. Vascularization of the lungs

Respiratory system: practical and theoretical tests


Digestive system


Date: 8 I 2024

1. Digestive system (schema)

2. General structure of digestive tract

3. Oral cavity (lips, buccae, teeth, tongue and sublingual area. soft and hard palate)

4. Salivary glands and other glands in oral cavity

5. Throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, biliary ways

6. Peritoneum


Urinary and reproductive systems


Date:  10 I 2024

1. Urinary system (schema)

2. Kidney, nephron, kidney sheets

3. Male and female urethra

4. Male internal genital organs

5. Female internal genital organs

6. Blood supply of urogenital organs


Date:  17 I 2024

 Digestive system: practical and theoretical tests

Urinary and reproductive systems: practical and theoretical tests


Date:  24 I 2024

Revision of semester